Collection: Sublimation Transfers

Transfers for Sublimation - Must be pressed with a heat press

PLEASE NOTE: that any white area inside the image area will not print white.  White will be the color of your garment.  Sublimation does not print white color.  The dye sublimation transfers are printed to order.  This listing is not for the shirt.  Please be aware of how to do the dye sublimation process prior to ordering. 

All Sublimation Transfers are Print to Order.  Due to the nature of this product, it is non-refundable.  

A heat press and at least 50% Polyester is required to achieve the amazing look that the dye sublimation process offers.  The Higher the polyester count, the brighter your image will be after pressing.  White, light color and pastels garments will produce the best colors.  (BLACK AND DARK COLORS CAN NOT BE SUBLIMATED ON)

Standard Garment Press Instructions:  385-400 degrees at 65-85 seconds medium pressure

( time and temp may very due to your heat press type )

Sublimation Transfers